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2012 Volume 1, Number 1

A Review of Online Trading and User Perceptions of Usability and Trust (Review)
Rebecca Davies and Stuart Cunningham
Keywords: E-commerce, online auction, eBay, economic change

2013 Volume 1, Number 1

Information Handing with Mobile Client using Web Services: a Disconnected Approach
Download PDF (464k)
Kamran Ahsan, Nadeem Mahmood, and Adnan Nadeem
Keywords: Information onto mobile; Web services; Mobile communication; Information and communication technology; Healthcare critical information handling

Counterfeiting Detection in RFID-enabled Supply Chain
Download PDF (854k)
Manmeet Mahinderjit-Singh, Xue Li, and Zhanhuai Li
Keywords: Counterfeiting; Cloned; Fraud; RFID; Supply Chain Management (SCM)



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